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Welcome to Oceans.
We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya with great expertise in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and all Digital Advertising. Oceans Digital Marketing Agency has a vibrant team with the passion for helping you achieve more than your set goals, through high-end technologies in the changing digital age. We believe in Marketing Beyond Reaches because you trust us with your work and we surprise you with more than you expected.
We are OCEANS because; we cut across all networks, We are diverse, We are changing Marketing and Advertising through Technology, We are occupying the online “white space” just like Oceans.
Our mission is to deliver the best Digital Marketing services globally, by helping all clients reach the right target audience as well as both the marketers and consumers experiencing the value of technology in marketing & advertising.
Our vision is to transform Marketing & Advertising through latest technology which is easily adopted by everyone to help achieve measured results.
Why us.
We market beyond reaches.
We use Razor Sharp strategies.
We have the expertise of Digital Marketing.
We offer results and help in planning for the future.
We use the latest technology to honor your requests.
Our creativity will always leave your audience smiling.
Integrity in our work is paramount.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing
Every sec in a day, everyone is online and he/she is your customer. Have you talked to them?

Digital branding
Your brand needs to live forever, so give it life by making it go live! May it be in your business premises or outdoor.

Google adwords
Everyone is searching on Google for something, so be their results on top or on the right pane of Google window

Web design
Do you have a business and don’t have a website? If you said yes, it’s almost as if your business doesn’t exist.

Social Marketing
Over 7 Million Kenyans are on social media 24hrs simultaneously and these are your customers. Engage them now!!!

Appearing on the first page of Google is a plus to every business. The space is too little for everyone to fit in but we always have a strategy to get you a share.

Mobile Marketing
Every sec of 4 hrs in a day, someone is on their mobile phone because everyone owns one. Isn’t it a good platform to engage your audience?

You will never skip an awesome video with creativity, right? Do you want your customers to keep singing your brand? Leave it to Oceans Multimedia


Corporate Events
Backed by the expertise of our in-house team we offer Award-Winning Live and Virtual event experiences that attract worldwide attention. When it comes to Event planning and corporate event managing we are second to none.
We bring life during corporate launches, staff launches, product launches, and conferences and on public concerts we create unforgettable memories. Get noticed during events and exhibitions with the help of Oceans Digital Marketing Agency.
Personal Events
We value every occasion you might think of because our love is creating memories. Oceans will provide you with every idea, resource, and management you need to have one of the best parties in your life. Talk of the initial set up to the aftermath we will provide you our outstanding event services. Your event will be talked of, remembered for and celebrated forever.
Brand Activation & Promotions
We recognize brand activation as an indispensable part of the evolution of any brand. We bring brands to life through best user experiences by creating real emotional engagement through promotions, events and retail marketing. Our top notch team turns ideas into action by igniting the demand for the brand and making it connect with consumer promotions. Remember Oceans will run your campaign and can even go further to branding your freebies.


Whether you need a quick fix or long-term strategy in marketing, consultancy is a pre-requisite. Oceans are professional consultants with strategies to engage customers and improve business opportunities, both through retaining existing clients and attracting new patrons. We help companies align marketing and brand strategy with business objectives. We help resolve the pricing paradox. We help clients understand customer needs and behaviors using feedback or customer insights. We show you how to counter your competitors using the latest technologies as well as streamlining your workflow. Because we want to walk you through the journey of success, our consultancy team is ever watching and listening to the market just to keep you on track. Make oceans your market watchdog.

Google analytics
After marketing and vigorous advertisement of your products, you need to know who bought, who was impressed or even how they behaved after you did the hard job. Through our certified analytics team, we will give you data-driven results with ROI (Return On Investment) and all other Customer Insights.

For every huge thing you see, there was a starting point. That’s what we always have or you. It might have taken ages but with Oceans, ideas are changed into actions and dreams are changed into reality.

Marketing Opportunities
Every time, we come up across several marketing opportunities that one can occupy and build a brand empire. We need someone to share with and this should be you.

Razor Sharp strategies
Not all darts hit that the dart board but with oceans, all your strategies hit the bulls eye while still at the toe line.

Advert reviews
As a part of giving out the best to the market, Oceans want you to stand out with the most stunning advert. Let us help you as much as we can.


“Knowledge is power but only when shared.” Anonymous.
Oceans believe that there are many innovative youth in the society and with little training, they can just do wonders. Oceans Digital Marketing Agency have taken the task beyond reaches by offering skills, from class rooms to the board rooms as we impart knowledge. Because we are on a mission to change marketing through technology, we offer world class training consulting workshops, seminars on digital marketing content including other sales marketing trainings to your staff.
Sales Process Training
A standard, proven sales process is delivered so that sales personnel have a way to deliver solution sales that is efficient and ties back to monthly sales revenue goals. Our process delivers specific metrics and qualification factors that are the key to sales efficiency and ultimate success. This process includes cold-calling, relationship building, target market research, competitive positioning and selling best practices.

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Most of the times we love having coffee, why not with you too? Talk to us and we will get back to you ASAP.


Welcome to Oceans Digital Marketing.